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Where have I been!?

It has been some time since I last posted!

During October and November I spent most of my time between Scotland (mainly Stirling) and the Algarve whilst I looked for a property to live in.

It was always my intention to look for a base at the end of the summer, but finding rental accommodation in the Algarve proved tricky and so I decided to invest in the purchase of a small apartment.

I have spent a lot of time in Tavira in the Eastern Algarve and I absolutely love it there - so I am now the proud owner of property there.

The next steps will be getting a visa so that I can become a resident, but it is my intention to do some more travelling. I do, however, need a base - somewhere to unpack my stuff!

Travelling has definitely been fun but I do long to have a "proper" desk setup with a comfortable chair!

I have also spent some time volunteering with Scottish Rugby at Murrayfield and at the Billie Jean Cup in Glasgow, so here is a gallery of photos representing the last couple of months in Scotland and in Portugal.

Billie Jean Cup and Murrayfield

Various shots of Tavira, Faro and Loule

Tavira is a lovely city - not *too* touristy, but with lots going on all year round. I have joined a couple of groups (notably a walking group) and am so looking forward to spending my time there. The intention is to take a month "off" and travel further east - to Greece and beyond - at some point in 2023. Not July again though!

In the meantime it is Christmas in London for me and then I will be out in the Algarve from December 28th for a month. Looking forward to 2023 very much!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

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