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The Real Thing

Monday 5th Sept, 2022

The day, and indeed the week, started with a Facebook Live from Seville. It's scary how the weeks keep rolling by - I have been "homeless" now for over three months!

I spent most of the morning working on the laptop in the apartment - punctuated by workmen replacing the broken glass in the door to the apartment block. This door, which is right outside my apartment is extremely squeaky and noisy - it has not been a restful stay from that point of view!

A wander to the post box to post some postcards was extended to take in a cafe where I could have a cafe con leche and get some reading done.

On returning the apartment I booked for the Real Alzacar (royal castle) with a slot at 4.30pm - I booked on the Alcazar main site, and didn't bother with the "skip the line" companies.

This turned out to be fine as I got straight in at my allotted time.

My goodness - there are no superlatives super enough for the Alcazar. It is simply stunning, stupendous... It really is wonderful. I took loads of photos but also just took time to wander and appreciate the site and just be in the moment.

It is a festival of ceramic tiles and is built in the mudejar style (based on Islamic art), and the gardens are also beautiful. Well worth a visit!

Just a tiny taste!

Tomorrow is my last full day in Seville- I had considered getting a ticket for the Copa Sevilla (tennis!) but the online site requires a Spanish ID card or NI number so that won't be happening (and there is no way to pay at the gate, apparently).

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