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The Holy See and more...

Our trip to the Vatican City was pre-booked as a "Skip the Line" ticket - which did allow us to indeed bypass the huge queues for entry. Once inside we were on our own and it was a tad reminiscent of a trip to IKEA with prescribed routes and blocked exits - but with more art. Not all was to our taste but I do love a good mosaic and the Sistine Chapel was beautiful and awe-inspiring (no photos of that allowed).

We also visited St Peters Square in between showers.

We had booked the Colosseum for late afternoon and luckily the rain stopped so that we could enjoy it and also the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. There was more space to enjoy the latter but the Colosseum was impressive - the Romans knew how to build things that last!

Off to Naples tomorrow on a train. We have loved Rome and found the Romans to be very friendly - hopefully the Neapolitans will be the same. Enjoying a bit of downtime this week.

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