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The Blue Danube

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Tuesday 19th July, 2022

The breakfast at the Elisabeth Old Town Hotel was very good with lots of choice, then it was time to take the tram to the ferry terminal! I shall not lie - a couple of weeks ago I would have been hard pressed to name the capital of Slovakia, much less point it out on a map - but having found it and the train route from Prague I was gratified to see that I didn't need to get a train to my next stop, I could get a ferry along the Danube!

We had a bit of a wait whilst the ferry disappeared down the river and then we boarded - I had booked a first class seat right at the front. I thought I should make the most of the experience! It was a high-speed catamaran and the journey only lasted 1.75 hours- the last stage of which is in the Danube Canal on the approach to Vienna.

Once in Vienna I headed for the Ibis Budget hotel - made the slight faux pas of going to the Ibis next door (non-budget) but got the impression I was not the first to do so.

I caught the U-bahn to St Stephansplatz to grab some lunch spent some time working on the laptop and then headed back into the city centre to first of all have some Sachertorte and then to head for the evening walking tour I had booked.

Cafe Sperl was tucked away near Karlsplatz and is a lovely old cafe - although I sat outside - with very good Sachertorte.

A short walk took me to the Vienna Opera where we met up with Magda for the evening walking tour. I really appreciated the lower temperature and the smaller crowds and we spent an hour exploring the Burggarten and the Hofburg complex. It was a small group and so we all chatted and had a good time. On the tour we passed the famous Sacher Cafe with a huge queue so I was glad of the recommendation to go to Cafe Sperl.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack - I am taking a few days out to visit friends and go to the Hamburg Open Tennis - so the next leg of the journey is by air from Vienna to Bremen.

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