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Sunday Sundae

Sunday 17th July, 2022

The best bit about having an apartment (apart from getting the washing done!) is being able to eat what you want! So I made myself some scrambled eggs for brekkie!

Scrambled eggs!

I spent the morning catching up with the blog (it's so easy to get behind!) and get some work done whilst my second load finished. Then it was onto a tram and into town to buy some postcards. That done I was wandering around and came across a Chimney Cake vendor - so when in Rome...

Chimney Cake Prague
Chimney Cake

If you can imagine something like doughnut batter being laid down on a cylinder as it turns and forms a sort of tube/cone - then baked and covered in sugar - that's your basic chimney cake (I think they get coated in cinnamon at Christmas). And then of course you can fill the tube - with ice cream and caramel sauce! Nice - but I couldn't eat a whole one...

I went to the meeting point for the Castle tour and we walked over the Charles Bridge and then up to a tram stop - no climbing the hill in the heat! At the top we went to the Strahov monastery where they make beer (of course) and then on to the castle.

Strahov Monastery, Prague
Strahov Monastery

The castle is of course steeped in history - and is the largest medieval castle complex in Europe (apparently). St Vitus Cathedral is also worth a visit - the construction of which spans several centuries - and it was only finally completed in 1929.

This facade was only completed in 1929 - you can tell by the carved men in suits just below the rose window!

Then it was back to the apartment to pack and get ready to move on! It was good to have a break from hotels for a few days.

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