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Seville Perambulations

Tuesday 6th Sept, 2022

Today was mainly a day for working on the laptop punctuated by a walk around areas hitherto unexplored! I missed the Mercado de Arenal - it was largely shut up by the time I got there, and I looked at the outside of the Plaza de Toros, having no interest in visiting it properly. However, Seville is a very beautiful city and there are always things to look at!

In the evening I went back to Casa Manolo (where I had lunch on my first day) for last night tapas - one reason I hadn't been back sooner was that there were never any tables! The ensaladilla pictured is a little strange - a variation on Russian Salad!

Tapas in Seville
Clockwise from bottom left: Empanada con carne, Ensaladilla Sevilliana, Mojama de Atun

Everything is packed and ready for a return to the UK tomorrow.

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