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Sayonara Seville

Wednesday 7th Sept, 2022

Of course it is Adios, or Hasta Luego, but I like alliteration!

Anyway - goodbye Seville! Had a lovely time, but now it is time to return to the UK. London first (largely because there are no direct flights from Seville to Scotland).

Having polished off the contents of the fridge I set out on the relatively short walk to Estacion Santa Justa where I would pick up the Airport bus. The first part was tricky with the luggage as in many of the small streets the pavement (if it exists at all) is only about 10cm (4 inches) wide in places. However, I reached the edge of the old town and then had decent pavements.

I boarded the airport bus having completely forgotten that masks are still mandatory on public transport in Spain (but not on the bus into Spain, strangely). Anyway the bus driver shouted "mascarilla" and I had one on my person luckily.

Seville airport is (or at least was today) comparatively quiet which was rather nice. I had packed a sandwich with the last of the contents of the fridge which I ate the gate. Again if you are going to the UK (or any other non-Schengen country) and have to pass Border Control there is nothing in the way of food and drink at the gates after passport control (other than a machine for a bottle of water or a snack).

It did have a good workstation area with power and USB sockets so I got some work done.

The flight home was uneventful and after I landed and cleared passport control I bought a return ticket on the bus to Stratford (London) where I had booked a hotel for a night (supposedly to see the daughter but she had had to go away for work!)

So it was a bit of work in the hotel and then an early night before the flight to Edinburgh in the morning...

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