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Roman Holiday

A very early start this morning to catch the 5:15 shuttle to Stansted Airport. Our “Fast Track” security passes didn’t seem very fast but the lounge passes were a godsend. Highly recommended if you’re ever flying out of Stansted.

Flight was slightly delayed but we were soon touching down in Rome and on our way by bus and metro to our AirBnb

in the “burbs”. I prefer to stay where the locals stay and so after checking in we went to a neighbourhood cafe for lunch - which we managed to order using a combination of my Italian and the owner’s English. Photo does not do it justice!

After lunch we had a wander, booked tickets for an open topped bus tour tomorrow and had gelati (of course) from Gelateria Fassi.

Now it’s 7pm and we are chilling before dinner (32C has taken some getting used to) and doing some admin and catching up on emails - and of course this blog.

Looking forward to more exploration tomorrow

A presto!

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