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Reflections on Roma

So Rome has been left behind and it’s onward to Napoli. However I did drop a coin in the Trevi Fountain and so I’ll be back!

We both loved Rome. Our Airbnb apartment was really near the Furio Camillo metro stop and we were surrounded by good neighbourhood restaurants, we had a “Pam Local” supermercato just a few steps from our apartment building entrance and a fab bakery just around the corner.

We bought 24 hour metro passes for €7 which was great value - the metro is good and frequent and took us to all the sights we wanted to see. You can also get a 100 minute pass for just €1.50.

We paid quite a lot for the “skip the line” pass to the Vatican museums / Sistine Chapel but it’s definitely worth it. Visiting the Colisseum at 5pm worked for us too - it wasn't too busy then. Other sights such as the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps were busy but we didn’t find it too bad.

We found the Romans very friendly and welcoming - I do always attempt to speak a little of the local language and I think the effort is generally rewarded.

The restaurants around the major sights are generally best avoided. It’s no surprise to find they’re overpriced and not particularly good. Walking a few streets away usually meant we were in restaurants surrounded by Italians.

We particularly liked Pizzeria Bisteccheria Dal Bersagliere and Ristorante Profumo dI Mirto - both in the Furio Camillo area.

Our final metro trip was to the Roma Termini railway station for our journey to Naples. We prebooked and took the slightly slower train - it’s worth noting that prices do increase as you get closer to your departure date. The train was air-conditioned and we took food purchased from our local bakery (bread, cheese abs ham) as there is no catering on board.

Napoli awaits!

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