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Pool Time

Friday 30th September, 2022

A short trip to Tavira (Portugal), this time with daughter in tow and so an apartment with a pool was required!

We flew from Stansted to Faro then hired a car - EEEK!! - to get to Tavira. We had a short stop in Faro town on the way to have a look around, and have some lunch. It was rather nice knowing my way around - a bit!

There are two ways to get to Tavira by road (I took the train last time) - you can either take the A22 toll road or take the N125 "coast" road - it's not right by the coast but you see more of the towns and the landscape. I had hired a car with a toll transponder, but we wanted to see places on the way so went by the N125. The first thing you realise is - there are hundreds of roundabouts in Portugal! I guess the A22 would avoid that issue! But - once you get the hang of going round the "wrong" way they make life easier - especially if you are turning left.

They also have sets of traffic lights that are simply designed to slow you down.

We found the apartment complex - just off the N125 but a little but outside Tavira and managed to park the car next to a door right by our apartment.

The following days were spent with me largely working in the apartment and said daughter lounging by the pool - although I did manage to get some pool time too, and do some reading.

We also explored the area a little, and took the boat to the beach at Isla de Tavira for an afternoon. It was quite windy there but not very crowded.

We met with friends in Olhao for a curry on the Thursday night then headed back to the airport - with the car still in one piece (and only one slight altercation with an impatient driver!).

Back in the UK for a week or so - the Schengen days are starting to bite and I have to be careful not to overstay. I had a thought of going to Montenegro but it's quite hard to get there from Scotland without passing through an EU country, so that may have to wait. (Montenegro is not currently in the EU - hence the thought!)

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