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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

Saturday 2nd July 2022

And off I go again! Having a few days in one place has been useful to get one or two things sorted and to plan out work for the next while - allowing me a bit of time for travelling.

This time it's a short hop from Edinburgh to Brussels and then a few days wandering in Belgium.

Maybe not my best decision to travel from Edinburgh airport on the first Saturday of the Edinburgh school holidays but here we are. There was what looked like a massive queue outside the terminal for Ryanair bag drop (bringing quite a big bag this time as I am not sure how long I will be on the move) but in fact once you reached the door of the terminal it was a short wait for the self-service bag drop. Slightly concerned when I went to put my bag on the general conveyor belt as it was full and baggage handlers were struggling to keep up with demand - but I was instructed just to leave it. Here's hoping it makes the flight.

A Pret salad sustained me while I waited for the flight - which now had a two hour delay (well that gave the bag plenty of time to find the plane!). It was in fact a three hour delay in the end as a passenger got "lost" and they had to find and remove their bag from the hold.

Arriving at Charleroi (It's Ryanair so it's always the baby brother airport) I found the bus to Brussels and we got on our way (and yes the bag made it!). Then a short hop on another Metro system (I like this one as there are indicator lights to show you where the trains are on your line) and I arrived at my hotel.

Late dinner was had in a street leading to the Colonne de Congres at sunset - a nice start!

Another whole day spent travelling - and I am not even that far from Scotland! Air travel (kinda necessary for crossing water) is so time-consuming. I had the option of course of travelling down to London and using EuroStar but that would have taken just as long. It's going to be rail/bus travel from now on though.

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