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Tuesday 2nd August, 2022

A quick update...

So I have been in Stirling for a few days now and I have started looking ahead again. I definitely have itchy feet! In the meantime I enjoyed my old "lockdown daily walk" around Stirling Kings Park.

I have also spent some time in Collabor8te - my coworking space in Glasgow - which helps me to focus, and also interact with other business owners.

I had been "celebrating" the wonder that is Scotrail, after the fun of Deutsche Bahn, and of course today it all went horribly wrong. A power failure somewhere in the Stirling area meant my train home from Glasgow Queen St (and many others) was cancelled. No problem for your nomad though - I simply trotted up to Buchanan Street Bus Station and hopped on a bus!

Plans have been made for a short sojourn in Scotland next week (watch this space) and also a trip to Portugal for the end of August. It feels good to have some bookings done!

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