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Moving on to Lyon

Tuesday June 21st 2022

It seems to be a recurring theme in Clermont that if you ask for le petit dejeuner they think you expect croissants - which they have generally run out of (or never had). However Pain et Beurre is fine for me, and they reduce the price too!

We explored more of Clermont before heading to the station and boarding the train to Lyon.

We had booked to go to Lyon Part-Dieu but the train was going on a further stop to Lyon Perrache - right by our hotel! So I asked the conductor in my improving French if we could stay on and that was permitted. (It's a bit like going on a train from London to Edinburgh and going past Waverley to get off at Haymarket!

Anyway - it was a regional train (TER) as opposed to an Intercite and so relatively basic - but comfortable enough. Sadly no wifi though so had to work on pairing my Chromebook with my phone - which did work but I have to be mindful of my data when roaming.

It was a short walk to our hotel which isn't quite as luxurious as our Clermont pad but perfectly fits our needs - hopefully.

The weather has deteriorated and the blue skies have gone for now and there is also a strong wind. Overnight rain is expected. We had a wander around under the looming skies.

The Hotel-Dieu is now partly a hotel with 5 courtyards and a shopping mall to boot.

We had dinner on the main square (always expensive but sometimes has to be done) before wandering back and looking over to the old town. The plan is to take the hop-on/off bus in the morning and check out where we want to visit. There was a lot of loud music and apparently it was Fete de la Musique which takes place every year on the night of the Summer Solstice.

Wifi in the hotel isn't great so will need to find a cafe to work in tomorrow.

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