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Marching Eastwards

Monday 11th July, 2022

Well not so much marching as taking a train, of which more later.

I started the morning in my hotel room with the usual Facebook live to my group - it just sets me up for the week and lets me get my head around what I want to get done.

After that I packed up (again very thankful for my packing cubes which make this process so much easier) and checked out.

I found a good place not too far away for breakfast - even if they did give me half a bakery to eat! So much for the low carbs.

I went to the station to buy my ticket to find the price had increased substantially since the day before - lesson learned... I then found a quiet(ish) corner to settle down and get some reading done.

The train journey was uneventful. I had paid a little extra to get a reserved seat and found myself right next to a German woman - while the rest of the carriage was practically empty! There was a tea/coffee/snack service too so I paid for a cup of tea.

Arrived in a damp Hannover - luckily I had missed the rain and set out to walk to the Premier Inn - about a 15 minute walk.

In my room I found a KETTLE and some MUGS (and one teabag, but I had come prepared). I have drunk more coffee in the last 10 days than in the preceeding 10 months so every cup of tea is to be much celebrated! Plus Premier Inn is just fabulous - wherever you go (and of course they have the Hypnos beds).

kettle and mugs for tea
Ahhh that's better

I took the U-Bahn back into town to find a place to eat and have a beer. Not entirely sure I get the ticketing system - I bought a single ticket on the platform but there are no barriers - anywhere! There was a machine on the train that looked like the kind of thing you validate your ticket with but my ticket didn't seem to fit.

Hannover is much more my style than Cologne was (perhaps I just missed the good bits) and I am looking forward to exploring more tomorrow.

Hannover Opera House
Hannover - Opera House

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