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London Town

Thursday 8th Sept, 2022

I got up in the morning to be greeted with the news from Easyjet that my flight to Edinburgh was cancelled. I guess I am lucky to have got this far without an out-and-out cancellation.

So I changed my plans, rebooked on a later flight, went and found some breakfast in Costa in Westfield Stratford and got some more work done. Then I had to check out of the hotel, and it was pouring with rain so I had a diet Coke in reception and waited for it to subside a bit.

Old Town Hall Stratford
Old Town Hall Stratford

The bus back to Stansted was uneventful and I cleared security to find half of south east England in the departure lounge - this was at 1.30pm on a Wednesday, so not really a particularly busy time especially as the schools are not on holiday. The problem is that Stansted is too small!

Anyway - I queued for a while to get into Comptoir Libanais where I had a yummy roasted half chicken with harissa and honey and passed a good amount of time just sitting there!

Roasted Chicken with Harissa and Honey
Roasted Chicken with Harissa and Honey

The flight I had booked wasn't too late but by the time we had actually disembarked (the stairs couldn't get to us or some story) Starbucks in Arrivals was closed - and I had a long wait for a bus to Stirling. It was "just" too late to get a train and a tram - I wouldn't have got home any sooner that way, so I settled in for a long wait with the laptop.

I finally reached Stirling at about 9:30 pm - it had been a very long day, and I had only come from London!

I am back in Stirling for just over two weeks to go to the dentist and do some volunteering - so there will be sporadic posts for the next few days, when I have something interesting to say!

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