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Local Hero

Sunday 14th August, 2022

Another gorgeous day dawned (thunderstorms are threatened though) and so today I considered walking from Pennan to Aberdour.

I parked up in the pretty village of Pennan - location of the infamous 70s movie Local Hero - and made my way up the hill on the advertised path.


I had not taken enough time to check it out online however, and soon discovered it was overland rather than by the coast. That, a field of cows, and almost impenetrable vegetation meant that after about an hour I descended again and took the car to Aberdour Beach!

Bracken, gorse and nettles
Bracken, gorse and nettles!

Aberdour seems to have become a wild camping destination - although many of the families there seemed to be in for a long haul rather than travelling light!

However, it is still a beautiful bay with the added attraction of a sandstone arch. I just missed capturing a fishing boat neatly framed by the arch!

Sandstone Arch, Aberdour Beach
Sandstone Arch, Aberdour Beach

I am enjoying walking with no distractions, other than the beautiful landscape, rather than pounding city streets, and letting my mind wander..... This gives me the opportunity to think more creatively and plan for the future. Back at the B&B I read some more in the garden, although the B&B owner does like a chat (and I am currently the only guest!)

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