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Karl the Big

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Friday 8th July, 2022

Today was a day of Charlemagne! I knew little to nothing about him before this trip which was one of my reasons for stopping off in Aachen.

After a light breakfast managing to avoid too many pastries I headed for the Dom or cathedral in the old town.

I have to say I think this is my favourite of all the cathedrals in all the cities I have visited so far. Beautifully proportioned and stunning architecture and decoration. It was built in stages over 1200 years, and has been refurbished many times, with inspiration coming from all over Europe. Charlemagne is buried here and many kings and queens were crowned on Charlemagne's throne.

The side chapel, St. Nicholas' chapel, is very peaceful and calm with a lovely stained glass window.

The Charlemagne Centre is also worth a visit to get a sense of the entire history of Aachen (much fought over). Then it was off to find a space where I could get the laptop out and get some work done! (Always remember that I'm working as I travel!)

I have worked a lot in my hotel rooms but fancied a change of scene and a quick google revealed that there is a massive bookstore which has cafes on every level and that remote workers can get a space there and work away to their hearts' content - so I went up to the 3rd floor, ordered a Kaffee und Kuchen (lunch!) and got started. For some reason the Chromebook didn't like their wifi so I was a bit limited but it was nice to work in a different space.

I am moving on to Cologne/Koln tomorrow to find the delights of the Rhine!

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