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Heading for the Sun

Saturday 27th August, 2022

And we're off!

Back to Edinburgh Airport for the next adventure, this time using the bus as it is so convenient. Unfortunately this means a longer wait in the terminal but I have a Kindle and a laptop.

In the end I spent a significant amount of time on a chat with NordVPN support - I had (at last) invested in a VPN to protect me when surfing on public wifi and it just Did Not Work at Edinburgh airport. We didn't manage to resolve it before I had to get my flight. (more later)

I flew to Faro. I had never been to the Algarve so this was new territory for me.

Faro Airport
Faro Airport - happy to be travelling again

On arrival I got the bus to Faro Centro and then it was a short walk to my guest house.

I had a small room but had a wee balcony and it was all clean and comfortable.

I had passed lots of restaurants on the way but it was late and I was tired so I crashed out! Faro would have to wait until tomorrow morning!

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