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Heading for the Beach

Wednesday 31st August, 2022

You may have noticed that Tuesday 30th is missing - not a lot happened - I worked on my laptop in my friends' kitchen, I took a bus to Sete Rios in Lisbon from whence I took a train back to Faro. The highlight of the day was the dinner in Faro!


So onwards to Tavira - 20-odd miles east of Faro. So many people had told me how lovely it is - and it is! I arrived on the train mid afternoon and walked to the hotel - right by the quayside. Tavira itself, like many of the towns on the Algarve, set back from the sea itself. After a quick (and very necessary) "caneta" I caught the ferry (right opposite the hotel) to Isla de Tavira with all the folks heading to the beach. On this occasion I haven't really come prepared for the beach but I had a wander around the island and had an ice cream before catching the ferry back.

It was time for a little bit more work on the laptop before dinner - I will explore Tavira more fully tomorrow.

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