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Hamburg - Game, Set and Match

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Saturday 23rd July, 2022

I took some time out and headed via Hannover to Hamburg in order to see the Hamburg European Open Tennis. I had a great day at the tennis and then did a spot of sightseeing in Hamburg on the Saturday.

Didn't open the laptop at all for a couple of days! Next stop Berlin - then it's a flight back to Scotland. Trains are getting busier, hotels and transport are getting more and more expensive, and I have Things to Do in Scotland!

Note - I did a lot of travelling using the 9 euro ticket (available for June, July and August 2022 - giving unlimited travel on local and regional transport). If you do decide to do this be warned that the uptake has been huge and the regional trains are packed, especially at weekends. If you want a guaranteed seat then you need to pay for an intercity (IC or ICE) train and pay extra for your seat reservation.

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