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Flat Saxony

Thursday 14th July, 2022

The decision was taken to stay another day in Hannover and chill - and other than a walk around the Maschsee and some reading there was little to report. Sometimes a bit of downtime is welcome and luckily I could keep my room at the Premier Inn!

However now it was onwards to Leipzig. The train was relatively quiet and I had a reserved seat and the journey only took just over 2.5 hours. The landscape was flat farmland with the odd industrial centre - unremarkable.

The Premier Inn in Leipzig (another kettle - hurrah) was just a few minutes walk from the station, so I dropped my bag and headed out with my 9 euro ticket (acquired in Hannover for getting around there) to get the tram out to the Volkerschlachtdenkmal or Monument of the Battle of the Nations. This rather imposing monument was completed in 1913 to commemorate the 1813 Battle of Leipzig, and the defeat of Napoleon. The coalition armies included Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. I was late so didn’t climb to the top!

Back in the centre I took some pictures of the old town buildings in the evening sunshine

Dinner was had in a little square beside the Thomaskirche where there is a statue of Bach. Leipzig is rather lovely but I am looking forward to my next city (and country)!

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