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Festival Time

Monday 8th August, 2022

Just a quick update as I am still in Scotland.

One of my reasons for coming back to Stirling was the Stirling Highland Games on August 20th. In preparation for that there was a volunteer briefing on Saturday (6th). It was great to catch up with our regular volunteers as well as some new ones!

I also had a lovely canal walk with a friend on Sunday and her new pup!

Today I went to Edinburgh to catch a little bit of the Festival. I also took in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland - A Taste for Impressionism - a taste I definitely share! One of the highlights was a recently-discovered self portrait of Vincent van Gogh on the back of another painting.

But I love all impressionists, and I learned a lot about the art of the period, and about forgeries! Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Edinburgh.

I caught some street theatre - a comedy juggling act from Japan - which was very entertaining. The Fringe is back for the first time since 2019 and there certainly seemed to be a buzz about Edinburgh again. I guess the good people of Edinburgh probably have mixed feelings about it - it brings in a LOT of money to businesses, but it means a month of crowded streets, pubs etc.

Street Theatre - Japanese jugglers
Street Theatre - Japanese jugglers

Meanwhile I have been planning in the background - I am looking forward to my trip north at the end of the week, and then further afield at the end of the month!

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