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Faro and away

Sunday 28th August, 2022

I got up and headed out to find some breakfast. It would appear that many places don't open on Sundays but I found a good place, which was busy but had a space for me.

Faro Old Town is lovely - it was a dull (but warm) day so didn't really see it at its best but it is still interesting. I had a good wander around and also visited the market (the food market).

Back at the guest house I found a little terrace next to reception where I could sit in the shade (sun was out by now) and get some work done before getting the train to Lisbon.

I headed to the station hoping to find a small shop to buy water and a few things but there was nothing but a cafe/bar with only limited supplies. I boarded the train and had a very comfortable seat - almost like an armchair - in First Class. It was only a few euros more than standard class. I was the Woman in Seat 61 (see the blog - the Man in Seat 61)

The woman in Seat 61
The woman in Seat 61

The carriage sooned filled up at all the stops along the Algarve before heading north to Lisbon. Unfortunately we seemed to now be travelling at a snail's pace (Sunday engineering works? - there were announcements which I couldn't understand). We ended up getting to Lisbon about 25 minutes late.

Unfortunately the handle came off my brand new wheelie case on the way to the station in Faro so I had to carry it from Entrecampos station to the hotel which was luckily very close.

It was a short walk to the local shopping mall (in an old bullring) for dinner - you are always very limited on Sundays - and then I spent an hour in the hotel bar with my laptop and a gin and tonic. I was surprised to be faced with a choice of Gordons or Beefeater - didn't think that was still possible in a world of thousands of gins. I asked about Portuguese gins but the barman didn't appear to know anything about those.

Off to Obidos tomorrow to meet old friends!

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