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Castles and Manhole Art

Monday 18th July, 2022

Up early to finish packing and prepare for a Facebook Live - scary how quickly Monday rolls round again!

After a quick trot out to find the post office to post the postcards (then passing a postbox on the way back) the Facebook Live was done and I could finally leave the apartment.

The short tram ride to the station done I bought a 2 litre bottle of water for the train journey. I had booked on RegioJet via Trainline and although it looked as though I had a reserved seat in "business class" I wasn't entirely sure what that would look like!

Well what a surprise - a nice big leather seat in a compartment with only 3 other travellers - with free water and a continuous supply of drinks and snacks (and hot meals, but I didn't have one) brought to your compartment! All this for the princely sum of £20 (for a 5 hour / 291 km journey). And the drinks etc were inexpensive at 35p for a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

Bratislava Station was, well, unimposing! For a moment I thought I had got off too early as it really did not feel like a city main station! However, it was the right place and I found the ticket machines for the bus/tram (bought a 24 hr one) and boarded a tram

The Elisabeth Old Town hotel is lovely and a little bit like something out of an Agatha Christie movie! The room is small but it's just for one night.

I set off to find the Blue Church (right next to the hotel) and then headed in the city centre - about a 10 minute walk.

There I found a tour bus just leaving - a one hour tour including a stop at Bratislava Castle - perfect! The tour bus was tiny (I had seen similar in Prague) and fun!

Bratislava Castle was lovely and we had about 15 minutes there to wander around and take photos.

It was then time for beer and schnitzel before going to find the manhole cover art! Supposedly a sewer worker peering out of his manhole!

There are other, similar works of art but I am leaving early in the morning so won't have time to go and find them.

Back to the hotel to do some work then set the alarm for a fairly early breakfast - Vienna calls!

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