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Boats and Clouds

Tuesday 5th June, 2022

I consulted Google which said that boat tours started at 11.00. I had no way of knowing how busy they would be so headed in for about 10:30. One tour was just about to leave so I jumped on that. The guide again was engaging and knowledgeable - slipping into Dutch, English and French effortlessly.

You always get a different view of a city from its rivers/canals - if you haven't done a river trip in London I would recommend it highly!

Sadly the old butcher's hall is in a state of dilapidation and so cannot be visited any longer. There seemed to be a lot of work going on there when I stopped for a coffee after my tour, so hopefully it will be possible to visit it again in the future.

Returning to the hotel I got some work done and then decided I really needed to catch up on some reading so went to the cafe next door to the hotel and got some coffee and settled down to read. I did rather love the Magritte-style clouds!!

There was also a good opportunity to watch the cyclists, e-scooter riders and even an e-unicycle!

Later on I explored the "dock" area around the hotel. There are obvious signs of former activity in the form of cranes and other machinery, but there is some investment going on there now too.

Tomorrow I leave for Antwerp - my third Belgian city! I have been told to expect a very beautiful railway station.

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