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Berlin Bound

Monday 25th July, 2022

Seat booked (not travelling with 9 euro ticket!) and it's off to Berlin!

I made my way out of the main station concourse and felt like I had walked into a fan oven - very hot and windy! Needed a stop at Pret for a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich before jumping back on a train to the Zoologische gardens (Zoo) station. Near the station is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtnis-Kirche - another bombed church from WWII which has been retained as a memorial. A shortish walk brought me to the Premier Inn where the aircon was much appreciated.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtnis-Kirche Berlin

I had a walking tour (of course!) booked for the morning so after "hitting the laptop" for a while I had a short walk around the neighbourhood before finding dinner. I was interested to see that they had a special menu for Pfifferlinge - chanterelle mushrooms - which are currently in season so ordered a beer and the Pfifferlinge risotto. Sehr lecker!!

Pfifferlinge Risotto
Pfifferlinge Risotto

Many of the streets of Berlin are dominated by pink and purple pipes - very odd. I had seen them in older photos of Berlin, but was surprised to see them still very much in evidence. They channel water away from construction sites, apparently!

The heat had reduced somewhat, thankfully, and there had also been a shower, so hopefully it won't be too hot for tomorrow's walking tour.

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