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Beautiful Prague

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Saturday 16th July, 2022

After a quick breakfast in the apartment it was time to get the bus into town and find the start of the walk at the Rudolfinum. I had bought a three-day pass for all trams, buses and metro for 330 Czech Koruny (about £11.60) which made life easier. There were ticket inspectors on that bus but they didn’t seem interested in the lilac-haired tourist!

Charles Bridge Prague
View of the Charles Bridge

There was a big group of people at the meeting point (with 12 Tours) but we got divided into smaller groups and we headed out with Paul.

The main points to remember are that Charles IV built everything and that the Czechs have seen off religion and communism!

Prague is a beautiful city with yet another delight around every corner. I was underwhelmed with Wenceslas Square and although the astronomical clock is wondrous the actual “show” on the hour is a tad disappointing.

I grabbed lunch with one of my fellow tour customers - Brittany from Texas who turned out to be a temporary digital nomad. Her company is letting her travel for 5 weeks in Europe but she’s still working for them. She’s hoping to make it a permanent arrangement. We went to a local pub (near where the tours start / finish) and had their Czech food and of course a beer! This was the slow cooked beef and dumplings. I should have taken a photo of the beer with its obligatory three fingers of foam!

In the late afternoon I took the funicular up the hill to Petrin from Ujezd. There are gardens at the top and a “cut off” Eiffel Tower similar to the one in Lyon and then you can walk down the slopes again to the town.

I’ve booked the free walking tour of the Castle tomorrow so will be able to explore that part a bit more.

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