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Back to the Future

Sunday 26th June 2022

The flight back was apparently nearly cancelled but a sterling effort from the Easyjet crew meant we landed back in Edinburgh only an hour later than scheduled. Sitting in row 1 meant we were on our way to the car park very shortly after landing (straight through Passport Control barely touching the sides!)

The journey back to Glasgow was slightly eventful due to late-night revellers from the Royal Highland Showground (who knew that was a thing) and quite a lot of traffic before reaching the M8.

We were in Glasgow drinking tea by just after midnight which was not bad going.

In the morning I dropped some stuff off at the self-store and then on the way to the motorway I saw a sign for the (newly-refurbished) Burrell Collection. Not having visited for about 20 years I felt it was a sign so I decided to pop in!

After a minor disagreement (the signs in the car park say 10-4 Mon-Sun, and it opens at 11 on a Sunday) regarding the parking charges I spent a lovely hour wandering around (the collection itself is free of charge). The refurbishment has certainly been worthwhile and it is all beautifully presented.

I particularly love the Chinese ceramics, and the impressionist painters. There are over 9,000 items from around the world - different cultures and different time periods, and I will be seriously tempted to return some time.

So - back to Stirling to get the laundry done and plan the next trip....

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