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Auvergne Tales

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Monday 20th June 2022

Clermont on a Monday morning is somewhat busier and we need to explore.

After hosting a Facebook Live (I'm working this week!) I headed up to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption to meet up with my friend and find le petit dejeuner. (more on the cathedral later). The hotel wifi seemed to be good enough for me to deliver the facebook live stream - here's hoping I will be able to continue to do that!

The cathedral is very imposing, built of black volcanic rock in the 13th Century. I am always in awe of the achievement of constructing such beautiful buildings, and on such a grand scale, with the expertise and tools they had to hand at the time.

The old town is a lovely labyrinth of streets with shops, restaurants and other businesses and it was a pleasure to explore them. We also visited the Basilique Notre-Dame de Port - a less grand scale but a very beautiful edifice nonetheless.

Clermont is on the Massif Centrale of France - it is high and it is very hot in the summer (even without this year's heatwave) and does not attract a vast number of tourists. We were told that Parisians come in the summer and use the campsites outside the city in the volcanic area - the Volvic water source for example - which looks lovely but necessitates the use of a car to explore.

The Auvergne region is famous for its cheeses and we had a plate of cheese at the end of dinner in the evening. The restaurants seem to denote the local produce with a red label and so you can usually find something good to eat, with local provenance.

We will be sorry to leave Clermont but we have a hotel booked in Lyon from tomorrow and will be travelling by train tomorrow.

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