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A year in well, different places!

It is a year since I sold my house in Scotland and went travelling (albeit intermittently).

In my last update I told you that I had made the decision to settle in Portugal - in the Eastern Algarve to be precise - and had bought a property. Buying a property post-Brexit isn't an issue, but the ability to live in it for more than 180 days in a year was... problematic.

To that end I applied for a residence visa - not a Digital Nomad visa as I had originally planned, as there are some restrictions, and some requirements which didn't suit me. As I have "passive" income I applied on that basis, and was eventually granted my 120-day visa with rights to be in Portugal on April 23rd. The next stage is to have an interview here in Portugal at the end of July at which time - I hope - I will be granted a 2 year residency. At that point I will also be able to bring my possessions over from Scotland - it's a long time now since I have seen them!

Tavira is a very beautiful place and I have started to make friends here and build a life.

Although I won't be "nomadding" as such I will be updating this blog from time to time so I hope you'll keep reading! There are a lot more trips to come, although I am restricted to Portugal until I get residency.

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