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A short interlude...

Friday 1st July, 2022

JULY!! How did that happen? A whole month since I sold my house!

I have been in Stirling for the week - getting my head down and getting work done - talking to clients and prospects, networking and planning.

Whilst I am in this phase, travelling quite a bit, I need to ensure that work is still happening, and it has been good to have a week where I could focus.

So what momentous events have happened this week? I went through some of my stored belongings and found a spare pair of glasses - I don't want to be in that situation again, and not recover them! I also found my Spork - a gift from a kind friend - that means I can eat on the move.

I have also been house-sharing this week (I have lovely friends!) and the house cat found a new home-worker to "bother". She's a lovely old lady (the cat, not the friend!) and loves company. So this was my view on Wednesday:

It is almost time to say goodbye to Stirling for the next few weeks. I have deposited the car in a safe place and am off solo this time. I am heading for Brussels first as that was the shortest / cheapest flight to get me onto continental Europe - most of my journeys will be by rail from now on.

I am writing this on the Friday night with the sound of the circus in my ears! The circus has hit Stirling so it's time for me to move on.

Edinburgh Airport will be fun (it's the start of the Edinburgh school holidays - joy!) but then it will be off to Brussels, G(h)ent and Antwerp!

Chips and Mayo - yum!

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