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A new country

Friday 15th July, 2022

After breakfast (and some reading) and a quick zoom up the Panorama Tower (5 euros) to discover just how flat Saxony is it was time to head to the station again.

This time I couldn’t book a seat and I realised that the train I was booked on through to Prague was a “local” train to Dresden (where I would be changing) and so it was filled with “9 euro” travellers. You may remember the conversation with the waitress in Aachen who warned that this was a “thing” at weekends.

However, I somehow managed to get on with the big bag and found a seat. I ended up next to a young guy who’s a digital nomad so we had a lot to talk about!

I disembarked at Dresden Neustadt for my connection to discover it was running about 55 minutes late. I wasn’t really paying much attention so when I decided perhaps I should find the platform with 10 minutes to go I discovered it had arrived 10 minutes early! Just made it on and of course it was full. I ended up in the luggage/bicycle space for the rest of the journey. “Luckily” because of the way trains in Europe are built there are a couple of steps down at the doors which actually makes it slightly easier to sit on the floor! All part of the “experience”. I really couldn’t face fighting my way through the train with the bag in the vain hope of finding a seat when people got off so I just settled down with my Kindle.

The landscape (what I could see of it from my position!) between Bad Schandau and Decin was stunning - I’ll have to go bad to get a better look some time!

Then it was soon time to unravel the legs and get off at Prague - my first visit.

It was a short tram ride out to the Zizkov area where my Airbnb was located. I had decided I had had enough of hotel rooms and it would be nice to have more space and freedom and also use a washing machine after two weeks of travelling!

I had to go buy supplies and found a Tesco Express!

I booked myself on a free walking tour of the city for the following morning - can’t wait!

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