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A Dull Day

Monday 15th August, 2022

Today the weather finally broke and rain hit the north-east corner of Scotland, so it was a dull day weather wise!

I had originally intended doing a walk first before "hitting" Macduff and Banff but I decided to go to Macduff first and do the walk later, when it might have cleared a little.

Macduff is a working fishing port and there was much evidence of work being done on boats - welding torches were in evidence and also cranes to lift boats out of the water for work below the waterline. Good to see that the industry is at least active, with all the challenges it faces.

Macduff Harbour
Macduff Harbour

There wasn't really very much happening in Banff and I have to say that if you visit this neck of the woods on a Monday a lot of businesses are closed. I said farewell to Banff and headed back east along the coast to Gardenstown - also known as Gamrie. The villages here are all reached via precipitous winding roads (see also Pennan and Aberdour Beach) where you kinda hope you don't meet anyone coming up! The Gardenstown road is wider than some others. I found a spot to leave the car and then walked down through the harbour area to reach the path the Crovie (pronounced Crivvie). Luckily the tide was out (but coming in, I had checked and you should too) so it was an easy walk along the path.

Crovie is a picture postcard village - and indeed it always features heavily on promotional info for the area! My photos didn't really do it justice as it was the aforementioned dull (but at least dry) day.

Crovie Aberdeenshire
Classic view of Crovie

A path has been constructed over the headland which I took back to the car in Gardenstown - somewhat better maintained than the path from Pennan to Aberdour!

Sadly there was nowhere open for lunch so I headed back to Strichen. My last full day in the area - tomorrow I will be moving on!

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