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A day in Brussels

Sunday 3rd July, 2022

After a good night's sleep today's mission was to find a breakfast spot. The hotel does do a breakfast buffet but I prefer to go out foraging.

Google suggested Woodpecker 47 which had the added bonus of being near the Grand Place / Groote Markt where my walking tour was leaving from. Everything has two names, the French name and the Flemish name.

It was a short walk in the sunshine to find it and order a waffle - of course - although this one was chorizo flavoured and formed the base of an eggs benedict style dish. The purists will hate it but I loved it!

After brunch, and a water stop, it was off to the Grand Place for the tour. This was led by Tom, a local lad with quite a strong American twang which he puts down to watching too many American movies. Anyway, he was very knowledgeable and entertaining and we spent three hours learning more about the history and architecture of Brussels (and where to find the best frites and chocolate). He may also have mentioned beer and we had a short stop in a cafe/bar where we could taste some (so I did!)

Brussels is a lovely city - even on a Sunday afternoon when the entire world seemed to have descended on the city centre to go shopping. Quite like the UK then!

In the afternoon I headed for the Musee de Magritte. I love his work even if I don't understand it. I spent quite a lot of time looking at a painting, then the title - and making no sense of it as I could not relate the two. Most of his best-known works are elsewhere but it is still worth a visit to see what is there, and some of the background regarding his life and career.

I also spent a bit of time in the sun in the hotel courtyard - nice just to sit and read for a while without having to BE somewhere or DO something.

It's off to Ghent tomorrow but I will have a little time to explore a bit more of Brussels in the morning before catching a train. Time for a little work on the laptop this evening to get ready for the coming week. Planning is everything!

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